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Why a Full Service Mover?

"One Call Handles it All"

Full Service Relocation Services vs Traditional Moving Company

So many of our clients have horror stories they share with us regarding previous long-distance moving experiences they have had using a traditional moving company.

As a Full Service Moving and Relocation Services Company, we advocate for and work directly with our clients. We have taken all of the guesswork out of the selection of the various service providers required to execute a flawless interstate relocation by assigning a single point of contact person, throughout the moving process.

In the past, accessing a Full Service Moving & Relocation Services Company was only available to those involved in a corporate, government, or military move. Luxury Moving Service now provides this same Concierge Level service to all homeowners so they can experience the Worry-Free process a Full-Service Professional Moving and Relocation Services provides by handling every detail of their upcoming long-distance relocation. Read: Finding a Good Moving Company.

We Specialize in Larger Estates and Luxury Homes

Luxury Moving Service caters to the unique moving and relocation needs of larger estate homes ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 plus square feet. Normally moves of this size require the handling of valuable fine art, vintage wines, antiquities, and or automobiles demands multiple vendors and or specialized moving contractors to successfully and safely manage all your needs.

This is where LMS stands apart. We have over 40 years in the moving industry and have cultivated relationships with some of the top moving companies, auto transporters, wine transport companies, crating services as well as third-party service providers that hold the same ethical and service standards that we expect at LMS.

Some of the Advantages of a Full Service Mover

1. Communication:

You’ll never have to guess when we will arrive, or be available for questions. Whether you want to call, email or text we will always answer any questions.

2. Organization:

Even the grandest of homes is easily managed by our organization’s expert skills and moving capabilities. We take pride in moving them with care.

While price matters, quality also matters so make sure to balance these two things when looking for a mover. Accurate moving quotes take time but they are worth it as you avoid surprises at the last minute. Read: Importance of Pre-Move Checklists.

3. Professionalism

Moving the contents from large estates can be challenging, which is why we place our Best & Brightest at your service. We are committed to the utmost professionalism.

4. Transparency

While many movers are hesitant to provide locked-in pricing estimates, we excel at being completely transparent and reliable when once an agreement is reached.

5. Cleanliness

As a Full-Service mover, we provide thorough cleaning services after a move and pre-cleaning if needed at the new residence. We make sure everything is turnkey!

6. Punctuality

LMS prides itself in being prompt to appointments and setting proper expectations on pick up and delivery of your precious home valuables. We are on time every time.

7. Time Savings

Since LMS handles all your packing you will be able to live your normal life without cartons and packing materials strewn throughout your home. LMS will come in one to two days prior to your actual load date depending on the total number of cartons to be packed and carefully crate, pack, and load all your household treasures.

8. Less clutter and disruption to your daily life

LMS prides itself in being prompt to appointments and setting proper expectations on pick up and delivery of your precious home valuables. We are on time every time.

9. Experience

Let the packing pros do what they know how to do. There is an art to safely packing your precious belongings which is only learned through experience. Making sure that proper technique and materials are used will ensure that sentimental heirloom makes it to the new destination unscathed. Homeowners may move a handle of times during their life. We have been moving families daily for over 40 years.

As you can see there are many advantages to allowing your chosen Full Service moving company the opportunity to help you with all of your packing needs. Luxury Moving Service provides you the freedom to relax while we do the planning, coordination, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, cleaning, heavy lifting, and pretty much everything.

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Luxury Moving Service specializes in providing the unique relocation services required by clients in the high-end luxury home market. Our team of dedicated moving professionals will formalize a comprehensive moving solution to ensure a seamless transition to your new residence. So just sit back, relax and experience the difference with Luxury Moving Service.

Read Our Reviews

Morey's Luxury Moving is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 7 review(s).


Who gives a moving company five stars?? We do! We have made four cross country moves in our lives. Not one went smoothly until we found Morey's. Who moves people from Florida to Monana? Morey's! Moving can be stressful and coordinating all the moving parts a logistic nightmare unless you have an experienced and professional mover. Morey's from start to finish made it happen seamlessly. One walk through and Rich knew the truck size, the driver, the timing was set based on our needs of driving our van across country from Florida to Montana. Our assets in one truck with only our stuff. The driver Chris made the beginning and end a fun and smooth sailing venture to our house and to a storage area. His outstanding driving skills managing a small alley and rural roads made it clear why he is ranked one of the top drivers in the country. I cannot thank these guys more for making this move a breeze. We love Morey's.

- Rita Clare-Salzler


The team was excellent! Made moving fun and handled all with excellent care. Highly recommend this professional mover.

- Helen Fretwell


Larry and the Moreys crew were professional and experienced and made a stressful moving experience wholly manageable for me. They were careful and had a clear understanding of the moving process. I’ve moved many times in my life and this one was by far the most efficient and professional. I’d recommend Moreys to anyone planning a move. They’re pros!

- Mr. Munsch


Thank you!

- Beth Eubank


Mosey’s Luxury Moving was 5-star all the way! They saved my move when another company no-showed me on the day of my move. They were professional and courteous and one of my belongings was damaged in a move from Florida to Virginia. I would definitely use their services again and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a moving company to do the same! Thank you Morey’s Luxury Moving!

- Elizabeth Cooper


Everyone I delt with from start to finish had superb customer service. They were friendly, fair, and fast to get the job done. Teresa went above and beyond to help with my moving experience. 10 out of 10.

- Stella Shelton


On time. Professional. Efficient.

- Margaret Goode